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Jaxx wallet was founded by the Decentral in 2014, a leading blockchain company that is popular for its multitasking features. Users can control their PIN and seed on this platform. More than 60 tokens can be saved together in one place. Jaxx supports 7 various types of cryptocurrencies. This user-friendly wallet has the required aptitude for syncing all the devices. Also termed as e-wallet, Jaxx allows users to take the entire control of online shopping details in several ways. It can be freely downloaded and the fee applicable for the transactions actually ranges from 000441 with the Ethereum transaction.

The best user-friendly e-wallet one can ever come across!

In comparison to other multi currency online wallets available in the market, Jaxx is really simple from the aspect of design and interface. New users can find it really easy to understand without any additional help. Receiving and sending money, scanning the QR codes, entering addresses, switching between multiple currencies, etc are possible with Jaxx wallet. Being accessible on various devices allow users to access the wallet from tablets, mobiles, laptops and other technological devices. If you have any queries regarding Jaxx wallet, you can directly talk to the Jaxx customer care helpdesk executive.

It is very important for you to know the security and safety of your multi-currency wallet before you store your funds in it. Jaxx ensures complete security for its users by employing strong and high-end security measures. Proper precautionary measures are taken to cope up with online hacking that has become a common problem today. Private keys are stored directly on the devices of the users, thus, making it really impossible for someone else to control the funds available in your wallet.

Why Jaxx is an exceptional from the remaining e-wallets?

The distinguishable features of Jaxx are enlisted below for your convenience:

  • Custom Fees
  • QR scanner
  • Local keys
  • Multiple currencies
  • Free access
  • Inbuilt exchange
  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy and quick utility methods

Platforms that support Jaxx:

  • Android
  • Apple and windows
  • Google Chrome
  • iOS
  • Firefox extensions

Pros of Jaxx wallet

  • High accessibility
  • Store several currencies
  • Indian exchange to ensure quick conversations
  • Supported on multiple devices as well as platforms
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Seamless and compatible

What are the issues faced by Jaxx users?

  • Sometimes users just find it very difficult to check out the balance available in their wallets
  • Troubles in executing the email verification steps
  • Obstacles for the new Jaxx users while creating accounts on this wallet
  • Unknown obstructions lead to failure of Bitcoin transfer
  • Unwanted problems in resetting Jaxx account password
  • Problems while cancellation of transactions
  • 2fa service fails to work for the Jaxx users
  • Users find it impossible to add a new payment method to the Jaxx account
  • Inability to receiving money

Though the Jaxx wallet offers numerous facilities, at times major problems pop up due to technical false, which create tremendous hassles for the users. It is a known fact that technical faults, especially during emergency situations, create real havoc for the users. Under such scenarios, you can always prefer to call on the Jaxx wallet support number. We are just a phone call away from you!

Our round the clock service and innovative solutions provide all the answers to your queries related to Jaxx account. Our highly skilled experts are always ready to listen to your problem and provide you with tailor-made solutions accordingly. We will be glad to assist you whenever you face issues while using Jaxx wallet. You can ensure that we are with you in every possible way to assist you whenever you face unwanted technical glitches while accessing Jaxx.

Rather than looking for solutions, whenever you face any kind of problem with Jaxx wallet, simply pick up your phone and call us on the 1-877-9382-454 toll-free Jaxx support number. You can directly speak with the Jaxx experts or try out the chat option as well.